Monday, October 14, 2013

late Monday afternoon

sounds like: whatever gets me through my design anger. The Ramones, Frank Ocean, Johnny Cash, and Lorde. Donald Glover episode of Adventure Time. Chef Larry slamming cooler doors because he's half in the weeds and frustrated. I know that feel, Chef Lar Bear. 

tastes like: Coffee and a good amount of it. Turkey, bacon, and pimento cheese on toasted batch loaf. Tomato soup. A piece of Andouille sausage. I like that spicy life. Dinner with the Baker Nathan & the Chef Margaret tonight - the food of my people! I photographed caramel apple bars, but didn't actually eat a caramel bar. Does it count if I licked cinnamon off my thumb? Sure, it totally counts. 

feels like: I've been designing this Thanksgiving poster for damn near five hours. Mind tired now. 

smells like: Falafel cooking in hot oil. I sit next to the line now. 

image via Pink Robot Boogaloo

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